Use of a Non–cross-linked Xenograft (Xenform) in Surgical Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

Enrico Caraceni1, Luca Leone2, Lilia Utizi1, Angelo Marronaro1
  • 1 Ospedale di Civitanova Marche, U.O. Urologia (Civitanova Marche)
  • 2 Università Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona)


To evaluate the effectiveness in Peyronie's disease surgical treatment using Xenform, a non–cross-linked graft derived from dermal bovine tissue, to close the defect obtained after plaque incision, without penile prosthesis implant. A further objective is to evaluate the satisfaction of patients. (1)

Materials and Methods

We treated with plaque incision 28 patients with a stable penile curvature ≥60° hindering penetration and with erectile function conserved. International Index of Erectile Function-15 and a not-validated questionnaire constituted of 7 questions about their satisfaction were administered after 1 year of follow-up. Furthermore, specific questions were relative about penile straightening, penile postoperative length, glandular sensitivity, and feeling palpability. (2)


Sixteen patients were seen after at least 1 year of follow-up. Curvature improvement was obtained in all cases, with the complete straightening in 75%; we did not observe any retraction of the graft and any recurrence on the curvature.
Significant reduced glans sensibility and erectile dysfunction were the more frequent postoperative complications, resulting in 43.8% and 25%, respectively. All patients are satisfied with the straightening. Only 2 patients are dissatisfied about the overall result. (3-4)


Graft is resulted compatible with albugineal features, like thickness, consistency, and elasticity; it is waterproof, allowing the visualization of complete correction of the curvature after the suture. No severe complications were observed except 1 hematoma requiring surgical revision.


Plaque incision corporoplasty with Xenform graft is an effective and safe surgical treatment. Xenform is a secure and a reliable albugineal substitute, comparable to other heterologous graft. We have not observed any retraction. Patient's satisfaction is linked to the treatment result and to sexual life.


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