Anterior-apical single-incision mesh surgery (SIMS) in the treatment of anterior vaginal wall prolapse, our experience

Barbara Cristina Gentile1, Gabriella Mirabile1, Paola Tariciotti1, Roberto Giulianelli1, Luca Albanesi1, Giorgio Rizzo1, Maurizio Buscarini2
  • 1 Nuova Villa Claudia (Roma)
  • 2 Campus Biomedico (Roma)


Thirty-five patients underwent surgery to treat their symptoms of POP (> stage II) .The primary objectives were the anatomical correction of anterior POP (> stage II), and resolution of cervico-urethral obstruction with elevated post-void residual assessed prior to surgery by means of urodynamic testing. Thirty-five women with cystocele (15 stage III, 20 stage IV ), underwent surgery using the single-incision technique via the transvaginal route. The intermediate follow-up was two years. Restorelle SmartMesh with the Digitex suture delivery system via a single-incision technique was used in all patients. All patients showed a significant improvement in terms of anatomical outcome after prolapse surgery (p <0.05), and there were no recurrences requiring further surgical intervention. The anatomical success coefficient was 97.7% with a significant improvement in quality of life (p <0.0001) and a significant reduction in post-void residual. There was a simultaneous significant improvement in POPDI-6, UDI-6, IIQ-7, and PISQ-12 scores after surgery. There were no cases of mesh dislocation. No de novo dyspareunia was reported. No mesh extrusion has been reported to date. The Anterior-apical single-incision mesh surgery is an evolution of the prolapse’s surgery. It have minor complications and the results are good and durable in a long time.