The Use of Robotic Surgical Stapling Devices During Minimally Invasive Urinary Diversion

Roberto Nucciotti1, Fabio Massimo Costantini1, Fabrizio Viggiani1, Francesco Mengoni1, Alessandro Bragaglia1, Giandomenico Passavanti1, Irene Farnetani1, Valerio Pizzuti1
  • 1 Ospedale Misericordia, U.O. Urologia (Grosseto)


To date there exists no published study examining the safety and efficacy of the EndoWrist 45 (Intuitive Surgical, Inc.) robotic stapler. We compared outcomes between the robotic and comparable laparoscopic stapler in robotic-assisted neobladder and ileal-conduit. Advantages of the robotic stapler include large range of motion and 90° of articulation, which may provide a benefit when using the stapler in difficult areas like the pelvis. The robotic stapler has a comparable level of safety as a 45 mm laparoscopic stapler and is more cost effective.
The video shows how to use robotic stapler.